How to sell your vehicle safely?!

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Selling the used vehicle yourself can seem pretty daunting, but follow these key points so that you can stay safe and sell your vehicle quickly. Truck Trader got your back all the times!

Be prepared

Have all the relevant paperwork together, such as the V5C, service history and MOT certificate, for a potential buyer to review. Buyers may wish to check details such as the address on the V5C and the mileage in the most recent MOT certificate.

Beware of scammers

Beware of scammers, and always meet the buyer. A genuine buyer should want to view the vehicle before making the payment.

Request the potential buyer’s contact details, such as their mobile number (especially if they call from a withheld number), landline number and full home address. This should give you further reassurances, and a legitimate buyer should be happy to provide this information. Don’t think that only seller will be the scammer, but also buyer!

Stay together

Always accompany the buyer on a test drive. Make sure you ask them to bring their driving licence when arranging a visit if they are expecting a test drive. Also check that they are covered by insurance to test drive the vehicle, this should prevent you being liable for damages.

Hold tight

Keep hold of the vehicle and all the documents until the full payment has cleared in your bank account.

In plain sight

Always ensure you can see the vehicle keys, and make sure you take them out of the ignition when you change seats on the test drive. You should also make sure you can see the buyer at all times.

Stay on home ground

Always arrange to meet a buyer at your home or a location you are familiar with, do not meet at a place which is far from city, quiet or desolate.

Remember NEVER…

…allow a buyer to test drive the vehicle alone!

And, never leave a potential buyer alone with the vehicle, give them the keys or let them borrow the vehicle documents. If you have a keyless fob, keep hold of it at all times, even on a test drive.


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