10 amazing trucking industry fuel facts in USA!

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Trucking Industry in USA truly is a giant and when it comes to fuel and fuel consumption the numbers are really amazing. The biggest expense every trucking company has is fuel. Check out these amazing facts!

1. $154 billion worth fuel is spend annually by trucks in USA!

2. $122 billion worth diesel fuel is spent annually.

3. Up to 35% of all money trucking company makes is spent on fuel!

4. 6 miles per gallon is the average fuel consumption of class 8 truck!

5. $10 billion annually is estimated damage trucking company suffer due to fuel theft and fuel card misuse.

6. 154 gallons is the average class 8 truck fuel tanks size.

7. Fuel cards are most common way to purchase fuel in use trucking industry, $8200 worth diesel is the amount average OTR class 8 truck spends in a month.

8. 300 gallons is the size of largest fuel tank in class 8 trucks.

9. 12 minutes on average takes to fill up the averages class 8 truck fuel tank.

10. 9500 truck stop exist in USA where trucking industry buys most of the fuel!

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